Engine Camshaft Grinding – Perth, WA

When Camshaft Engineering also known as CEC closed in 2009. All their camshaft grinding machinery went to Auction on 29th May 2009. Noordeman Diesel purchased there large Repco grinding Machine and all there Diesel masters and what was required to continue Camshafts Engineering excellence in Cam grinding.

Southside Engine Centre bought the small cam grinders including the petrol, hi performance, vintage and motorcycle camshaft masters.

We both work closely together to provide camshaft grinding services to Perth and country Western Australia.

Noordeman Diesel’s expert team can assist with all your Camshaft repair requirements, from crack testing to straightening. We provide a range of services to suit a variety of camshafts from small single cylinders to large diesel models.

All camshafts that come through our workshop are also inspected and checked against the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (O.E.M.) specifications.

Our Camshaft services include:

  • Camshaft Crack Testing
  • Grinding
  • Camshaft Straightening
  • Re-Radiusing Rockers
  • Racing Cam Followers/Tappets

Grind 4 camshafts and get the 5th camshaft Ground or Linished for Free

  • Acid bathed
  • Lectro magnaflux cracktest
  • Check camshaft for straightness
  • Polish or grind your camshaft as required and
  • The 5th one is free…
  • Each time you have a camshaft ground after the 4th the 5th is free
  • If we have the master

We say free we mean free and that’s a guarantee.

We want your business and our normal prices will apply.

No over inflated prices to compensate. We want to reward you for being a one of our customer.