Crankshaft Regrinding

Crankshaft Grinding  Reconditioning & Repairs

Noordeman Diesel’s fully qualified team has extensive experience as crankshaft regrinding. We specialize in cost-effective crankshaft reconditioning, crankshaft grinding and machining, as well as large V16 crankshaft that is upto 2.5meters in length,  and also repairs to Single cylinder air compressor crankshafts  thats down to 20mm in length. No crankshaft to big or small for us. we also can cylindrical grind shaft as well..

We ensure all crankshaft services are performed to exact tolerances in accordance with the Original Equipment Manufacturers’(O.E.M.) specifications and procedures.

All forms of machining are done at our modern workshop in Welshpool, which is fully equipped with specialised machining gear to carry out work on crankshafts of all sizes, as well as performing a range of specialised services, which include:

Our Crankshaft services include:

  • Grinding
  • Polishing/Linishing
  • Metal Spray Repairs of Seal Areas
  • Metal Spray Repairs of Journals
  • Magna Flux Crack Testing of Crankshafts
  • Crankshaft Reclaiming
  • Crankshaft Straightening

In addition, we can provide a full measuring report on every crankshaft that comes through our workshop.

Noordeman Diesel is Perth’s recommended crankshaft regrinders. Contact us  for further information on the many services we offer.