Engine Block Bore and Hone – repairs – machining

Engine Block Machining – Perth, WA

From a single cylinder, air-cooled diesel engine to the large diesel engines used in the automotive, industrial, mining, agricultural, civil, power generation, transport and marine industries, Noordeman Diesel’s modern workshop in Welshpool is fully equipped to repair engine blocks. Our team is accredited and experienced in all forms of engine block reconditioning and machining.

Cylinder blocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each kind requires varying levels of overhaul and repair. We use specialised engine machining equipment to ensure the highest quality precision bore and surface finishes. so if you need your Cylinder block bored and hone . We plateau hone which is far superior that just a standard bore and hone in Perth. 

We can handle high-powered engines from single, air-cooled cylinders up to the impressive V16, and carry out heavy duty engine block machining and cylinder block repairs for several respected name brands, including:

Our Cylinder Block Machining services include:

  • Acid Bath & High Pressure Cleaning
  • Boring Cylinder Block
  • Bore and Hone
  • Seal Area Repairs
  • Counter Bore Inserts & Shims
  • Decking Cylinder Blocks
  • Machining Bell Housing Areas
  • Reclaiming Blocks
  • Fitting & Machining Repair Sleeves
  • Boring  – Boar
  • Lifter Bore Repairs
  • Air-Cooled Cylinder Machining
  • Line Boring
  • Tunnel Re-Sleeving
  • Metal Spraying Repair of Main Tunnels
  • Thrust Area Repairs
  • Plateau hone
  • All Measuring & Machining Services
  • Plateau hone

As respected diesel engine and diesel motor specialists, the Noordeman Diesel team is fully equipped to meet your engine reconditioning requirements. Contact us  today.