Diesel Engine Rebuilders

Noordeman Diesel: The Leading Perth Diesel Engine Reconditioners

Noordeman Diesel is a leading engine rebuilder for Western Australia. Our team of expert mechanics have been serving Perth and WA for more than three decades now, and we’ve become a trusted service provider for a variety of sectors – from automotive resellers and transportation specialists to earthmoving and power-generation companies.

If your machinery runs on a diesel engine, we can rebuild machine or recondition it. No engine is too small for our team. Here is a brief list of some of the types of vehicles and machines that we regularly work on:

  • Standard family vehicles
  • Commercial trucks
  • 4WD vehicles
  • High-performance engines with ceramic coated pistons
  • Heavy-duty diesel engines used for agricultural purposes
  • Large-scale diesel-powered earthmovers

At our Welshpool workshop, you’ll find a team of specialist machinists with extensive experience working on all manner of diesel engines. They’ve been expertly trained and have the experience needed to get the job done correctly and on time.

We Guarantee Our Diesel Engine Reconditioning in Perth

Every reconditioned engine that leaves our workshop is backed by our guarantee. But we’ve gone one step further in order to protect our customers’ best interests. As a member of the Engine Reconditioners Association (ERA) – which falls under the Motor Trades Association of Australia – all of our work is also backed by this third-party organisation.

This means that you can purchase a reconditioned engine or reconditioned cylinder head from Noordeman with confidence. We proudly stand by our own work – and the ERA does the same thing. Thanks to their reciprocal repair network, there’s no need to be hesitant about putting your new diesel engine to work. If any other further requires are required on your new engine, you’ll find ERA members throughout Australia who are ready to make good on that guarantee.

In our more than 30 years in the diesel motor industry, we’ve established a strong reputation as a leading service provider of engine reconditioning in Perth. This is due in part to our willingness to guarantee our own work. You won’t find a more reliable provider of engine machining, reconditioning and rebuilding in Perth.

Take Advantage of Our Fully Equipped Welshpool Workshop

Our expert mechanics wouldn’t be able to deliver such first-rate work if not for our state-of- the-art facilities at our Welshpool workshop. It’s equipped with highly specialised machinery used to recondition engines of all sizes – from small, single-cylinder engines and large-scale diesel engines alike.

We’re also able to provide all of the necessary component machining for engines up to a V16. Regardless of how big your motor is, the team at Noordeman Diesel are up to the task. We’ll rebuild your engine professionally and with a fast turnaround. We can have your engine back in operation in no time.

If you’re in Welshpool, feel free to stop by our facility for a first-hand look at our workshop. You’ll find it at 3 Hankte Place in between Welshpool Road and Sevenoaks Street. Give us a call on (08) 9350 6566 if you’d like to learn more.

What Is Involved in Reconditioning a Diesel Engine

You may hear people refer to reconditioned and rebuilt engines more or less interchangeably. While these two terms do have essentially the same meaning, it’s important to point out the difference between reconditioned and remanufactured engines.

A rebuilt engine normally is an engine were they rebuilder has used the old parts and replaced the commonly worn part but not inspected , measured or machined the important components. It is just a cheap simple repair of your engine.

A reconditioned engine is one that has been stripped, dismantled and cleaned. All of its components receive specialised attention, All of its parts will be thoroughly cleaned and tested for damage. In addition, the engine’s gaskets, pistons, bearings and rings are replaced with new components – often regardless of their current condition. This creates a like-new engine that is housed in an older housing, albeit at a slightly higher price point and those that are in bad repair will be replaced with new ones. However, those hard core engine components that still have plenty of life left in them may simply be cleanedand machined otherwise cared for before the engine is rebuilt. This is the process of reconditioning and rebuilding an engine – and it can allow for many more years and Kilometres of use.

  • Re-grinding the crank shaft
  • Re-grinding the block faces
  • Re-boring the cylinder block
  • Testing the engine for water leaks and oil pressure issues

At Noordeman Diesel, we can provide as much additional care for your engine as you require. Our standard service is comprehensive to begin with. But if there are any additional steps you would like to see carried out, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Our experienced team of specialists thrive in our state-of- the-art workshop. If you’re looking to schedule a diesel engine rebuild in Perth, we’re the team to turn to. Simply get in touch and let us know how we can be of assistance.

Noordeman Diesel: The Preferred Performance Diesel Engine Rebuilders in Perth

As the leading diesel engine reconditioners in Perth, Noordeman Diesel are prepared to take on rebuilding projects of any size and scale. Our specialists are qualified to work on a comprehensive range of diesel engines, including those from the following manufacturers:

  • Caterpillar
  • Cummins
  • Deutz
  • Hino
  • Komatsu
  • Kubota
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Perkins
  • Toyota

And that’s only a partial list. If you have a specialist diesel engine that needs to be reconditioned, get in touch with us to find out whether or not we can help. And finally, if your diesel engine is behaving abnormally or making unusual signs, bring it in for a diagnostic. We can assist in determining what specific sounds are likely to mean for the health of your engine.

Here’s What to Expect from a Diesel Engine Rebuild in Perth

Across the industry, you’ll find that dealers and resellers are likely to take liberties with what they consider to be a reconditioned engine. This is partly because there are no strict, government- regulated guidelines for what passes as a reconditioned engine. This is one of several reasons that we maintain membership with the Engine Reconditioners Association (ERA). Doing so helps to assure our clients and customers that we adhere to high standards and stand by our work.

To give you a better idea of what we mean when we talk about reconditioned diesel engines, here are a few of the key areas that we address in the process of rebuilding an engine:

  • Engine Block

Firstly, the entire engine block will be disassembled. It will be cleaned in a hot acid bath, which completely removes any built-up grease, grit and dirt. Once this is done, we’ll check crankshaft tunnels to ensure they’re true and within manufactures specifications. If necessary, we will also line bore your cylinder block. After this, we will check the engine’s deck height and cylinder decks for wear and inperfections , counter bore depths and for cracks and to see if they are flush. We’ll surface grind the deck face and recut counter bores. If it is a wet selvve block we with ensure your lower seal areas serviceable and not to badlt corried, PArretn bore engine we ensure your parent bores are not cracked and with a reusable condition, before we fit the standard or oversize liner Finally, cam bearings will be replaced as needed.

  • Camshaft

Camshafts need to be straightness , hardness and free of cracks. We will test everything regards before grinding each camshaft as necessary. After that, we will also re-profile camshaft followers or even replace them if required.

  • Connecting Rods

Also known as ‘conrods’, these components undergo substantial strain when the engine operates. Reconditioning them is significantly more affordable than replacing them – and we’ll be able to determine relatively quickly whether or not this is an option. If so, the connecting small end bush will be replaced and resized. The big ends of the rods will be closed and honed before they are re-sized.

  • Crankshaft

We mentioned checking the crankshaft tunnels for trueness above. We will also check the crankshafts themselves to ensure they’re straight. In addition, they will be lector magna flux checked for cracks. Any problems in this regard will be corrected through a process of grinding and polishing and will make sure the oil seal area is re- useable.

  • Timing Gear

As part of the reconditioning process, we will inspect all timing gear bushes. Those that are in disrepair will be replaced.

  • Cylinder Head

Several problems can develop with the cylinder head of a diesel engine. To begin with, broken valves can lead to serious damage over time. Likewise, insufficient use of coolant can lead to cracks and corrosion of the cylinder head. Our team will crack- and pressure-test the cylinder head before checking it for straightness. It will then be reconditioned as necessary.

  • Rocker Arm

There are two main problems to look for on the rocker arm. The first is bushing wear, which can lead to problems with the reconditioned camshaft if not addressed. The second problem to look for is excessive wear on the rocker arm and face. After an inspection, replace rocker shafts and rocker bushes if necessary.

  • Oil Pump

Reconditioning the oil pump is a relatively straightforward matter. We’ll overhaul the oil pump if possible. If it would be better off replaced, we will swap it out with a new pump.

You’ll be amazed at the difference in performance once we’ve set you up with a reconditioned engine in Perth. Your vehicle or machinery will operate much more efficiently – with greater power and a much longer lifespan. And all of this is possible without the need to purchase a newly manufactured engine. Contact Noordeman Diesel today to find out more.