This poor guy was stuck in the Philippines and found us on the internet googling Perkins parts Australia as he wanted to be in the same time zone.

the problem seemed to have occurred after having the fuel serviced , so my questions were fuel based

  • Can you email me the part numbers off the injector body?
  • If you unscrew one of the injector bodies you will have access to the injector nozzle. and supply me with the number of the nozzle itself ,it may look something like  a BDll12345y2235se
  • The engine number of your engine . this is located on the flat ledge next to the injector pump is 108u or ED12345U
  • The numbers off the ID plate on the injector pump itself

The injector nozzles number were

  • Injector Body – We have two x set of four injectors.
  • Set No. 1-4 (all 4 are marked the same) these were the housings on the engine prior to the overhaul
  • (BG)
  • BKB40SD5224 SU
  • DFS No. 5352102


The injector bodies were correct ,

BUT  the injector nozzle number is incorrect the number DN4SD24 suit a Toyota 2H 3B.

Total wrong spray pattern and fuel mixture.

Hopefully this has not damaged the motor by overfueling ..

My advice to be safe side as you sailing I would remove the cylinder head  to make the pistons crowns have no signs of melting and the precombustion chambers and cylinder head is not cracked. it is  a bit hard to be towed back in the middle of the ocean and Pirates is another thing.

Whether Sea Pirates or Pirate fuel injection companies.


3142U061 Perkins Tappet


Perkins Tappet 1104D

2646E501 Perkins end Cap


Perkins end Cap

2645K022 Perkins Injector


Perkins Injector 1100 series