Manifold Repairs Save time

Manifold Repairs Save time

Inlet or exhaust Manifold facing is one of the most important yet the most commonly overlooked step’s when over hauling your Engine or Cylinder Head. Removing the manifold once the head has been refitted can be a costly and time consuming exercise, here at Noordeman diesel we can save you down time and money by servicing your manifolds at the same time we are servicing your Cylinder head.
Our services include:
• Cast welding of cracked manifold’s
• Manifold facing
• Acid bathing
• Metal spraying of manifold face’s and flanges
• Crack testing
• Spark eroding and removal of broken bolts & studs
• Sand blasting
• Re-taping of bolt holes
• Sleeving of joints in 2 & 3 piece manifolds
• Brazing of manifold faces and flanges
• Thread inserts
Our state of the art milling machines and highly skilled technicians can ensure a perfectly machined sealing surface between the exhaust ports and manifold face,
Your manifold can be returned at the same time as your cylinder head.

Perkins phased out engine types

Perkins phased out engine types

The list below shows the years the engine were 1st commenced by Perkins and when they were phased out.

 Eng Type.

  • P3


  •  Nov  1953


  • Mar  1967
  • F3
  •   Aug  1957
  •  Oct 1964
  • P3.144
  • Mar  1957
  • May 1969
  • 3.152
  •  Feb 1962
  • Sept 1964
  • 4.99
  • Feb 1958
  • Feb 1972
  • 4.107
  • Jan  1961
  • Jan 1975
  • P4
  • June  1937
  • May 1967
  • 4.192
  • May  1958
  • Jan 1972
  • L4
  • Oct 1952
  • July  1961
  • 4.270d
  •  Dec 1958
  •                                             Apr 1974
  • P6
  •  Jan 1938
  •                                              Apr 1961
  • 6.288
  •  Apr 1960
  •                                            Jan 1964
  • 6.305
  •  Mar 1959
  •                                             Feb 1970
  • c.305
  • June 1958
  •  May 1961
  • 6.305
  • Dec 1965
  • Dec 1975
  • R6/6.340
  • Dec 1952
  • Jan 1962
  • S6
  • 6-354 series
  • May 1939
  • 1961
  • Oct 1962
  • late 1990


The 4.236 Engine

The 4.236 Engine


THE 4.236 ENGINE: 

Perkins had relied on the P4 engine during the years after the war as the power unit for many applications from passenger cars to industrial equipment.  By the end of the 1950s the engine was becoming outdated, with the indirect ‘Aeroflow’ combustion system becoming uncompetitive with new generations of engines from other manufacturers.  In the late 1950s a decision was made to produce a four-cylinder version of the 6.354, applying the engine ‘family’ concept to the successors to the original ‘P’ series.

The tractor version was basically tailored to the needs of the parent company Massey Ferguson, having a cylinder block with cast-in adaptor for the transmission housing and starter motor position plus a heavier front end to suit the frameless tractor chassis.  To combat vibration problems associated with a large capacity four-cylinder engine rigidly mounted into such a chassis, the engine incorporated a Lanchester balancer in the sump.  Driven at twice engine speed and featuring twin counter-rotating weights, this unit balanced out most of the second order imbalance inherent in a four-cylinder in-line engine.   The engine was closed with a massive cast iron sump, which also formed part of the tractor backbone.

The ‘vehicle’ cylinder block was of lighter construction with machined pads to accept the flexible front mounts common to vehicle installations, plus a rear face able to accept a variety of flywheel housings and adaptors, with alternative starter motor positions.  The rest of the engine components were common wherever possible, although one exception was the crankshaft, where the separately balanced tractor engine could take a simple non-counterweighted version, whereas the vehicle crankshaft had integral counter-weights providing better balance at higher speeds.  

In 1964 the new factory was formally opened and volume production started, reaching 2,553 engines for that year and increasing rapidly to over 60,000 engines by 1969.

Little has been said so far of ratings.   The original target was for 80 BHP at 2800 RPM for the vehicle version and 65 BHP at 2200 RPM for the tractor version.

This was just a start however.  Many variants of the basic engine were to follow, as the engine became the workhorse for many customers.      Thus the original swept volume of 236 cubic inches was soon followed by the 4.248 (3.975 inch bore in place of 3.875 inches) and the 4.212 (4.5 inch stroke in place of 5 inches).

As a result of an agreement with Togyo Kogyo in Japan, short stroke, indirect injection versions of both the 4.236 and 6.354 engines were developed, the 4.224 and 6.335 respectively, these being exclusively for trucks in the Far East.


As more licensee agreements were signed around the world, the 4.236 family of engines became the preferred product.  New plants in Mexico, Peru, Turkey, Brazil, Yugoslavia, Japan, Poland and Korea all took this engine as their basic product, often to support local MF tractor production.

As with the 6.354, there were numerous upgrades and product improvements over the years.  However by the 1980s legislative requirements and competitive pressure demanded more radical change.   The changeover to the 1000 series family was simultaneous for the 4.236 and 6.3544, although volumes remained high on the 4.236 family for longer.  The last 4.236 to be built in Eastfield came off the assembly track in 2000, by which time a total of 2,190,838 engines (including all variants) had been assembled in Peterborough alone.  This represents the highest production volume of any Perkins product, and probably doubles if all overseas-built units are taken into account!

The 4.236 family was the backbone of Eastfield production for nearly 30 years, powering more Massey Ferguson products than any other engine type, to say nothing of the huge number of applications for other major manufacturers and for small specialist concerns


thank you to the perkins hertigate club and Dave Boulton  August 2002 and a more detailed version can be found on

David Boulton      August 2002.

Save Thousands $$$ Metal spray your Cylinder Block – Crank – Head

Save Thousands $$$ Metal spray your Cylinder Block – Crank – Head


Metal spraying Caterpillar , Cummins, Komatsu is a standard repair these days to continue the maintenance and running life of these engine types as a replacement cost can be  huge , alternative repairs are need to looked at and asset.


Metal spray technology is going forward in leaps and bounds and is a good alternative to replacing.


Metal spraying can triple the life and reduce the effect of corrosion on a water pump shaft with correct spray materials being applied.


Major Block damage – Worn seal areas – Cylinder head to thin


Not a problem for us  we can metal spray and bring it back to like new

  • A valuable asset amongst our services, metal spraying is a cost effective and technically advanced method of restoring Pump shafts
  • Cylinder head faces
  • Oil cooler decks
  • Crank shaft seal areas (front and rear)
  • Pulleys – front pulley oil seal areas
  • Main shaft  tunnels
  • Camshafts journals
  • Water pump shafts
  • Repairs to keyway shafts
  • Cylinder block cavitation
  • Cylinder block decks
  • Cylinder block under deck height specifications
  • Cylinder head thickness – head to thin – broken corners ie non critical areas
  • Manifold rebuilding

worn components and surfaces to their original specification and tolerance.

Metal spraying has incredible bond strength and can be applied very precisely, leaving otherwise redundant componentsas good as new and extremely hard wearing.

Metal Spraying can save you thousands and is cost effective.

Metal Spraying can save you on down time.

Metal Sprayed surfaces can be harder.

Metal Sprayed seal areas will last longer.

The wear or damage can be any wear on the cylinder deck surface. We can machine and spray the whole deck face, or just the damaged area.

How to fix the hole in your cylinder block

How to fix the hole in your cylinder block

There is only really 1 way to fix it a hole in a cylinder block and that is to replace it.

i you have a Perkins 212 , 236 or 248 i may have the answer to your problem.

Basic specs on a  Perkins 4-212 , 4-236 and 4-248

Engine type 212 236 248
Bore size 3.8750 3.8770 3.9750
Stroke 4.50 5.00 5.00
Square back Non stress block Yes Yes Yes
Flanged back stress block No Yes Yes
More specific specifications at the bottom of the blog

Cylinder blocks

  • You can use a 212 cyl block to make a 236 or a 248 Perkins or vice versa  they all can be modified to replace each other.
  • You can convert a 4-236 to be a 248 but you won’t really notice that much difference in extra HP. Fuel system can stay the same
  • There are flange liner blocks and non-flange liners e.non flanged liners are known as parrel liners click here to know more
  • The early type Cylinder blocks have flanged and parrell  liners fitted . the top of the liner protrudes and this in known as the fire ring .
  • Fire rings type liners require top set u5lt1014 click here for the link
  • The later type 4-236 blocks have flanged liners . these have no fire ring and the top on the liner is flush with the top of the cyl block
  • 236 flanged liners are available  STD Over size backs you can get .010 and .040 over size backs
  • Non-fire ring type blocks require a different top gasket set U5lt1004 click here for the link
  • You can convert a chrome liner block to a cast liner block by changing the counter bore depths


  • 212 crankshaft has a different stroke to a 236 and 248..
  • 236 and 248 crankshafts are the same there are some variations
  • there are balance weight and non-balance weight types .
  • lip seal or rope seal
  • splined nose or non-splined nose
  • non spline nose cranks have 3 bolt holes – splined nose has 1 bolt hole


  • All the conrods are the same and interchangeable
  • All small end bushes are the same
  • Conrod nuts and bolts are the same

Cylinder heads

  • 212, 236, 248 all the cylinder heads the same and interchangeable
  • All valves and springs are interchangeable

More Specifications below

212 Flanged Cast Iron Liners: 

Parent Bore Diam:                           4.0625-4.0635″

Recess Depth:                                   0.150 -0.152″

Outside Diameter:                           4.0645-4.0655″

Interference Fit:                               0.001 -0.003″

Piston Height:                                    0.015 -0.021″

Finished Bore Diameter:               3.877 -3.878″

236 Flanged cast liners” 

Parent Bore:                                      4.0625-4.0635″

Recess Depth:                                    0.150 -0.152″

Outside Diameter:                            4,0645-4.0655″

Interference Fit:                               0.001 -0.003″

Piston Height: (above)                    0.003 -0.010″

Finished Bore Diameter:                3.877 -3.878″

236 Parrel liners”  

Parent Bore:                                      4.0625-4.0635″

Recess Depth:                                           N/A

Outside Diameter:                           4,0645-4.0655″

Interference Fit:                               0.001 -0.003″

Piston Height: (above)                    0.003 -0.010″

Finished Bore Diameter:                3.877 -3.878″

248 Flanged cast liners”  

Parent Bore:                                      4.1045-4.1005″

Recess Depth:                                   0.150 -0.152″

Outside Diameter:                           4,0645-4.0655″

Interference Fit:                                0.001 -0.003″

Piston Height: (above)                    0.003 -0.010″

Finished Bore Diameter:               3.877 -3.878″

248 Flangless Liner Parrell

Parent bore:                                      4.0615 /4.0625

Outside Diameter:                           4.0655-4.0665″

Interference Fit:                               0.003 -0.005″

Finished Bore Diameter:               3.9875-3.9795″



if you have more ideas or suggestions to assist send us an email ..

We are here to help and keep this knowledge around.


Any questions, please contact us.  

Reconditioned Toyota cylinder heads on the shelf in Perth

Reconditioned Toyota cylinder heads on the shelf in Perth

Exchange Cylinder heads on the Shelf

we have 600 cylinder heads and can dispatch Australia wide

  • Our exclusive ‘No Fault’ Warranty:  If at any time during the installation process you damage the head, you’re covered! We will repair or replace your cylinder head (Trade account customers only).
  • No down time: Our unique exchange program means no long waiting periods; You will have your cylinder head and gasket set as soon as possible, at competitive prices.
  • Quick Quoting Times: Your quote is complete by the time you finish your call. So your time is never wasted picking up the head for evaluation. (Stock items only)
  • Convenience: Buy all your extra parts at 1 place. No shopping around, No excuses or blaming the other supplier if something does go wrong.
Make Engine Description Trade +   GST
Nissan YD25DDTI 2005 – 2006 YD25DDTI. 4cyl 2488 cc 16 Valve DOHC Chain Drive. 4 port inlet. New casting. $1799
Nissan ZD30DDT 2000 – Nissan ZD30DDTI. 4 Cyl 2953 cc 16 Valve DOHC Chain Drive Turbo. Non common rail $1721.97
Nissan QR25DE 2001 on Nissan QR25DE. 4 Cyl 2488 cc 16 Valve V-DOHC Chain Drive Fuel Injection. $1679.09
Toyota 1FZ-FE 1998 on Toyota 1FZ-FE. 6 Cyl 4476 cc 24 Valve DOHC 79 and 105 series Landcruisers $2284.13
Toyota 1HZ 1990 on Toyota 1HZ. 6 Cyl 4164 cc 12 Valve SOHC Belt Drive . New casting. $2,612.54
Toyota 1KZ-TE 1999 – 2005 Toyota 1KZ-TE. 4 Cyl 2982 cc 8 Valve SOHC. KZJ95 $1395
Toyota 1KZ-TE 2002 on Toyota 1KZ-TE. 4 Cyl 2982 cc 8 Valve SOHC Belt Drive Turbo. KZJ120 $1395
Toyota 1KD-FTV 2006 on Toyota 1KD-FTV. 4 Cyl 2892 cc 16 Valve DOHC Chain Drive Turbo common rail. New casting. $1680.95
Toyota 5S-FE 1995 – 1999 Toyota 5S-FE. 4 Cyl 2164 cc 16 Valve DOHC Belt Drive Fuel Injection. With cam angle sensor. $2033.30
Toyota 1FZ-FE 1992 – 1998 Toyota 1FZ-FE. 6 Cyl 4476 cc 24 Valve DOHC 75 and 80 series Landcruisers $2284.13
Toyota 3RZ-FE 1996 – 2005 Toyota 3RZ-FE. 4 Cyl 2694 cc 16 Valve DOHC Chain Drive Fuel Injection. Coil pack ignition. $1831.05


We Also have Top gasket sets, Head gasket and head bolts in stock

  • We stand beyond the quality of our workmanship and offer a 12 month unlimited km product warranty on all cylinder heads.
  • All exchange cylinder heads have core deposit charged as an extra charge. This will be credited on return of your exchange cylinder heads
  • If your cylinder head is not on the list give us call  08 93506566 or  email

Engine Reconditioners Vs Back Yarders – Engine builders

Engine Reconditioners Vs Back Yarders – Engine builders

What does it take to be an Engine Reconditioner?

All engine and motor repairs must be a licensed repairer in engine Reconditioners in Perth, Western Australia. They must have a licensed repair logo and certificate displayed in their front counter listing what repairs they are licensed to do.



Things to be aware of:

– Are they Quality Assured?

– Are they a licensed repairer?

– Do they have insurance – public liability – faulty workmanship cover ?

– How do they handle warranties or do they even give warranties?

– Do they have a good presence on Facebook , Google or any of the business directories?

– Have they got a website with picture of their machines

– Can you do a google maps virtual tour of their workshop

– Are they a Member of the MTA of WAMotor Trade Association of Western Australia

– Are they a Member of the ERA of A? Engine Reconditioning Association of Australia

– Do they operate under OH&S

– Are they environmentally friendly

– Do they employee and train Apprentices

– Do they employee licensed trades people

– Do they fit all new parts, or just refurbish your old parts a re-ring patch job


An engine reconditioner normal has this  the following equipment you can always ask and check

– Boring & honing Machines

– Cylinder head repair Machines

– Crankshaft grinding machines

– Conrod Rod resizing machines

– Camshaft grinding machines

– Crack testing machines

– Pressure testing machines



Who is who in engine reconditioning in Perth?

  • R.Moore & sons – larger engine reconditioner located in Welshpool / Kewdale specialising in Caterpillar – Cummins – tug boats, railways.

– Largest reconditioner  in Perth

– Quality Assured.

– Been around over 100 years.


  • Ranch Autos – larger engine reconditioner located in Osborne Park  specialising in

– Large diesel engines


  • Engine Machining Services – small to medium services Petrol & Diesel

– Member of the MTA of WA


  • Applied Automotive – small to medium petrol & Diesel specialised in Hi performance


  • South side engine centre – small to medium petrol & Diesel specialised in Hi performance

– Member of MTA of WA


  • Harris engines – small to medium services Petrol & Diesel  – motor bike machining

– Member of the MTA of WA

– Member of ERA of A and ERA of WA


  • RON BELL engine reconditioning Petrol & Diesel small to Large


  • Gallo ways engine Reconditioners Petrol & Diesel small to Large

– Member of the MTA of WA

– Member of ERA of A


  • GTS Engine reconditioning in Bunbury Petrol & Diesel small to Large

– Member of the MTA of WA

– Member of ERA of A



  • Barth Brothers In Karratha Petrol & Diesel small to Large

– Member of the MTA of WA

– Member of ERA of A


  • Moyle engines in Bunbury Petrol & Diesel small to medium


  • Westside Engine Reconditioning Petrol & Diesel small to medium

– Member of the MTA of WA

– Member of ERA of A



  • Hi Flow engine reconditioning Petrol & Diesel small to medium

– Member of the MTA of WA


Specialised Reconditioners in Perth

  • Head exchange – Cylinder head Reconditioners small to medium Petrol & Diesel

– Member of the MTA of WA

– Member of ERA of A


  • Head Torque –   Cylinder head Reconditioners small to medium. Specialises in multivalve heads

– Member of the MTA of WA

– Member of ERA of A


  • AK – Cylinder heads – Cylinder head Reconditioners small to medium


  • Midland Cylinder Heads – Supreme Cylinder heads – Cylinder head Reconditioners small to medium


  • The Engine Exchange – reconditioned exchange Petrol & Diesel Motors small to medium

– Member of MTA WA


  • Just Head Worx Bunbury – Cylinder head Reconditioners small to medium


  • Noordeman Diesel Petrol & Diesel small, medium,  large

  • Specialising in Caterpillar – Cummins – Perkins – Toyota – Japanese diesel engines
  • Perkins dealers
  • Quality Assured
  • Member of the MTA of WA
  • Member of ERA of A
  • National Chairman or MTA WA and ERA of A for over 9 Years  
  • We a have virtual tour of our workshop
  • Website site – Face book

Contact Us

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  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

You need Perkins or FG Wilson Parts in Kalgoorlie – Karratha – Port Hedland – Albany

You need Perkins or FG Wilson Parts in Kalgoorlie – Karratha – Port Hedland – Albany

Due to Prime Power Engineering Kalgoorlie closing down on 31-3-2017 – getting Perkins or FG Wilson parts in Kalgoorlie is not a problem .

We  currently do provide Perkins & FG Wilson parts into Kalgoorlie – Karratha – Port hedland actually all over Western Australia as well as our diesel engine machining and of course our new range exchange cylinder head program for Toyota &  Nissan.

i do get carried away  this blog is about Perkins parts

We are looking at putting a level 2 dealer i.e. an agent into Kalgoorlie

We will soon be looking at putting Perkins & FG Wilson agents (level 2 Dealers) in to most major country towns across Western Australia

These agents will have Perkins stock on the shelf as well as access to the Perkins SPI program and of course back up and support here at Noordeman Diesel with access to our Perkins Gurus

In the future we will be working on providing service type work by your local Perkins Agent.

The agent will also have access to new Perkins engines.

Any  Perkins inquires or Perkins agent inquires – email

Some handy hints when dealing with an Engine reconditioner.

Some handy hints when dealing with an Engine reconditioner.

When dealing with your local engine reconditioner, this information will make your life a whole lot easier

“Understanding our language – compared to your language”

Some engine Reconditioners may have cylinder head benches and portable boring bars and can sublet machining out to another reconditioner

A Well-Equipped Engine Reconditioner will have: , boring machines, honing machines, crankshaft grinders , camshaft grinder, conrod resizing machines, cylinder head benches, crack testing machines, cylinder head pressure testing machines, head facing machines and many more like Noordeman Diesel

When dropping your cylinder block off for Boring & honing

  • If you can strip the cylinder block – make sure your timing cover and crankshaft has been removed from the cylinder block, and the block is bare
  • Make sure you give the reconditioner your main caps and main bolts as they could be required to bore or hone your cylinder block
  • Make sure the cylinder block is clean – if it is not. your local reconditioner will have an environmentally way of cleaning the cylinder block as he does not want to put that dirty oily block on his expensive boring machine. He could hot robowash or acid bath.
  • The Engine reconditioner will need your new pistons as they should measure each piston on the skirt
  • By measuring each piston he can ensure the correct piston to skirt clearance as its rare but sometimes 1 piston can be different size and you don’t want a seized piston
  • There is honing and there is plateau honing. Plateau honing is the best for beading in rings and a far better compression seal to give your engine more power and we all want more power.
  • If you do not have New Pistons .Your reconditioner can supply and recommend a quality brand of engine parts with 12month 20,000km. that is Piston and rings, main and big end bearings, front and rear oil seals, full gasket set, head bolts, water pumps and so much more at very competive prices
  • Also don’t try and remove the old liners as some blocks don’t have liners or we can even bore them out oversize.
  • Don’t buff the top of the cylinder block as this can caused uneven divets and cause head gasket sealing problems and external oil and water leaks between the cylinder head and block
  • Let the expert reconditioner machine deck your block, lick your block, surface grind your block.
  • Deck heights must be checked before this is performed. Otherwise the crankshaft could lock up or even pistons can hit your cylinder head if the piston protrusion is too high.
  • Supply All the engine details, year and application will make it easier for us
  • Always look for a licensed repairer
  • Best to deal with a member who is affiliated with your local industry for us it’s the Motor Trade Association of Western Australia – MTA of WA
  • Make sure your recondioner is a Member of the ERA of A (Engine Reconditioners Association of Australia) for peace of mind on a quality and Australia wide warranty.
  • Discuss your requirements with one of our experienced sales staff
  • It’s your engine but it’s our passion



Next handy Hint is getting the right Cylinder head at the right price!