Four Symptoms or Signs Your Engine Has a Cracked Head & Need Repairs

Four Symptoms or Signs Your Engine Has a Cracked Head & Need Repairs

A cylinder head is a fundamental component of your engine, withstanding considerable pressure and high temperature, housing other parts of your engine, such as the intake and exhaust valves, combustion chamber and more.


In other words, a cracked head can cause you a major headache.

Cracked cylinder heads are a common engine problem in many of the vehicles we work on at Noordeman Diesel, so we’re experts in cracked head repairs across a range of vehicle types.

The most important thing is to identify that you may have a cracked cylinder head and to get it fixed


This leads us to some of the tell-tale signs that your cylinder head needs some urgent attention. Read on to find out more!




1. What’s That Smell?

Leaks from your engine can be an indicator of a number of problems, from oil to brake fluid.

However, if you detect a strong, almost sweet odor coming from your engine when the car is running, it could be a sign that your cylinder head is cracked.

This slightly odd smell is a combination of coolant, which is normally tightly contained by the cylinder head, burning as it leaks from the cylinder.


2. It’s Getting Hot in Here

Coolant is there to stop your engine from overheating by absorbing the heat generated by your engine. If you’ve ever run out of coolant before, you’ll know just how integral it is to your engine performance.

A crack in your cylinder head may result in the coolant leaking out, which is a strong, strangely sweet odor. If this is the case, there’s a good chance your coolant will run out quickly, causing your engine to overheat.




3. Where There’s Smoke…

They say where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire, but in the case of excessive white or grey smoke coming from your exhaust pipe, the smoke is an indicator of a problem in your cylinder. This smoke is caused by the burning coolant, which has likely leaked from the cracked cylinder head.


4. Poor Performance

If your vehicle has been experiencing some of the above signs, but you have been ignoring them, you may find that your engine loses power and efficiency.

As mentioned above, the cracked head results in leaking coolant, which impacts the spark plugs in your engine. It may also lower the total pressure produced by the cylinder, affecting your engine’s performance.


Bonus Tip: Engine Misfires

Engine misfires may also be directly related to your cracked cylinder head, as the pressure from the cylinder escapes into another, lowering the cylinder pressure and resulting in a rough idling engine.


Why Choose Noordeman Diesel For Cracked Head Repairs

The above tips are a basic overview of the tell-tale signs associated with a cracked cylinder head, but diagnosing the extent of the damage to your engine requires a wealth of knowledge and experience.

If your vehicle is experiencing performance issues or signs of any engine issue, you can trust our team at Noordeman Diesel to sort it out.

At Noordeman Diesel, we specialize in cracked head repair and cylinder head reconditioning to keep your vehicle running at its peak.

At our warehouse in Welshpool, we have a team of qualified, experienced and knowledgeable technicians ready to assist you with any vehicle issues.

Contact Noordeman Diesel today to discover why customers from across Perth choose us to identify and fix their engine issues, including cracked head repairs.




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Three Things to Consider When Looking for Engine Reconditioning

Three Things to Consider When Looking for Engine Reconditioning

As a car enthusiast, you’ve no doubt come across the term ‘engine reconditioning’ in ads, on websites or on other blogs – we’ll forgive you for checking out other blogs – but do you know what engine reconditioning actually involves?

The definition of engine reconditioning varies depending on whom you are speaking with, as there are no strict, government-regulated guidelines for what can be classified as a reconditioned engine.

At Noordeman Diesel, we are proud members of the Engine Reconditioners Association of Australia (ERA) and we adhere to a number of processes to ensure your reconditioned engine performs as you expect. We are also one of the two quality endorsed engine reconditioners in Perth.

Car owners have their engines reconditioned when they are damaged to the point of failure, or become excessively worn, with the expectation that the reconditioned engine will perform ‘like new’.

As a basis, engine reconditioning generally involves disassembling the engine, with each part of the engine cleaned and checked. From here, the technician performing the reconditioning will make note of the parts that need to be re-machined, replaced or repaired.

To rebuild your engine, each of these parts is carefully reassembled and tested to ensure they perform at optimal capacity, leaving you with a reconditioned engine that will hopefully see you through for years to come.



Benefits of Engine Reconditioning in Perth

When a reputable company performs engine reconditioning, the major benefits you may experience are better performance, better efficiency and a longer lifespan, as well as a significantly lower cost than buying a brand new engine for your car.

So when it comes to engine reconditioning in Perth, what should you be looking for to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck?


1. Have the Wearable Components Been Checked or Replaced?

If you’re paying the money to have your engine reconditioned, you want to know that all those wearable components have had a good once over and that they are working as they should, or if any parts that are faulty, worn or inefficient, they are replaced.

Some common wearable components include gaskets, valve train parts, timing belts, bearing pistons and oil pumps.

If these components are replaced, they should be an exact match to the previous components in your engine – ensure these new parts meet the specifications of your older parts.

What happens when the parts don’t match, we hear you ask? Parts that don’t match the specifications of your previous components may result in your engine seizing up or failing.


2. Machined Parts

Your engine as a whole is a well-crafted machine; with a number of high quality, engineered moving parts that work in unison to keep you moving. Some of the more significant parts of your engine are the smaller machines, such as the valve seats, crankshaft and connecting rods.

When an engine is reconditioned, it is paramount to make sure these machined parts still meet the high quality, engineered standards you would expect from a brand new engine.


3. Price & Compatibility

When it comes to price and compatibility of your reconditioned engine, old sayings like “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” and “you get what you pay for” spring to mind.

While a rebuilt, reconditioned engine is certainly a much more cost-friendly choice than buying a brand spanking new engine, it is vital to do your research to make sure that too-good-to-be-true price is legitimate.

This is also where compatibility ties in – with a reconditioned engine, all components need to be compatible to ensure the engine operates properly. One wrong, incompatible part may result in the engine system failing, costing you more money in the end.



Why Choose Noordeman Diesel for Engine Reconditioning in Perth

If you’re on the hunt for a diesel engine specialist to carry out your engine reconditioning in Perth, there’s one name you can trust: Noordeman Diesel.

With a fully equipped workshop based in Welshpool, WA, we are your one-stop-shop for engine reconditioning, servicing, rebuilding, engine machining, complete new engines, and genuine spare parts

Contact Noordeman Diesel today to find out how engine reconditioning could have your engine performing like new in next to no time.

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