New Perkins – Caterpillar engines

Perkins Complete Replacement Engines – Available now…..

We are pleased to communicate our new range of Perkins complete replacement engines available to order with immediate effect


Part Number Based on the Build List Engine
NL51894 NL38740 1104D-44T/C4.4T
NL83385 NL38738 1104D-44T/C4.4T
NM83384 NM38734 1104D-44T/C4.4T
NL83578 NL38925 1104D-44T/C4.4T
NL83626 NL38972 1104D-44T/C4.4T
NL83629 NL38967 1104D-44T/C4.4T
NM83630 NM75167 1104D-44TA/C4.4TA
NM83631 NM75169 1104D-44TA/C4.4TA
NR83467R NR82763R 1104D-E44TA(Unity)C4.4-E44TA
NR83468R NR82767R 1104D-E44TA(Unity)C4.4-E44TA


Any Caterpillar Perkins inquiry if it is for spare parts or a new engine or even a cross-reference  CLICK HERE


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