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Cylinder Head – Reconditioning – Overhaul – Service


The most important thing about reconditioning your cylinder head is that you know that it will be done right the first time.

The fact that Noordeman Diesel is a licensed Engine Reconditioner. Members of the Engine Reconditioning Association of Australia and MTA WA we have qualified and licensed tradesmen and are quality endorsed and have quality endorsed procedures in place too. In fact we are one of a few throughout Australia who actually is giving you the confidence and reassurance that we will recondition, overhaul and service your cylinder head right the first time.

On arrival your cylinder head or heads will be given a job number, then tagged and issued with a job card.

  • – All cylinder heads are dismantled and placed in a hot acid bath to remove all carbon build-up, then placed into our hot parts washer to remove any leftover residue and then buffed to achieve the best result.
  • – All our cylinder heads are pressure tested with our Donnelly pressure tester, this is designed to operate hot water (approx. 70deg) through a pressurized vessel. To simulate operating conditions and detect any leakage through expansion & pressure.
  • – All cylinder heads are placed in the Lectro Magnaflux crack tester.

 (Aluminum cylinder heads cannot be crack tested)

In a typical operation to crack test a cylinder head we place the head into the machine and it is given a shot of magnetizing current. Then the crack testing fluid is applied (this contains fluorescent particles) an ultraviolet lamp is used to examine for longitudinal or latitude cracks. Of course demagnetizing is a critical part of the operation.

  • Our quote process requires 39 individual checkpoints, from bolt holes to injector tubes, valves, manifold studs, cylinder head thickness & hardness and many more. All the results are then recorded on the job card and then the job is quoted.

Fitting K lines, injector tubes, scrolling, crack repairs,*All cylinder head machining, cutting seats, fitting inserts, facing of head and manifold surfaces. All repairs

Are done on the following machines:
  • – Head benches – Serdi 100 – Centronic Mira 2000
  • – (Single cyl heads up to heads 1.2m long)
  • – (Small to large cylinder heads up to 2.1metres in length)Head facing machines Berco – Schou – AMC
  • – Valve & lifter facers – Berco RV20 – Warren brown
  • – (Stem sizes from 3mm – 15.5mm)
  • – Once the cylinder head has had all the threads retaped and the machining is done, it is cleaned and prepared for final assembly.
  • – The cleaning process is very thorough, all cylinder heads are placed back in our robo wash (hot wash) then removed and using High-pressure water cleaner to ensure all machining debris is removed. They are inspected thoroughly and given a final wash which is done by hand, before final inspection.
  • – Once our assembly process is carried out, we use our company quality checklist and carry out our final inspection to ensure that all the work is carried out and is correct.
  • – Noordeman Diesel is also available to service aluminum cylinder heads with single or twin overhead camshafts.
Below is listed a breakdown of services available.
  • – Acid bath and pressure clean
  • – Lectro Magna flux, paint and dye crack testing
  • – High temperature, full flow pressure testing
  • – Cutting seats and facing valves
  • – Machining the face and manifold services
  • – Remove and replace valve guides, K-line, and thin wall guides
  • – Remove and replace inserts
  • – Machine and fit oversize inserts
  • – Remove and replace precombustion chambers
  • – Remove and replace injector tubes
  • – Remove broken studs
  • – Thread repairs
  • – Reclaiming of cylinder heads
  • – Re-cut sealing scrolls

All the camshaft grinding is done in house on the Repco camshaft machine (it is one of the largest cam grinders in Australia and it’s in W.A)If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to ring and ask. We are the team for Service & Quality that’s what makes us different from the rest. We work and strive as a team to keep our customer’s needs met.




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