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High Boost Pistons for Your Diesel Engine

High Performance Toyota and Nissan Engines

Noordeman Diesel is now offering ceramic coated crowns and Teflon (MoS2) coated skirts on all pistons, including diesel, petrol, gas, 4 strokes and 2 strokes. These pistons are available in all sizes and are machined to allow for the extra height, which the added ceramic crown coating adds. Shop now here for CERAMIC COATED PISTONS

The ceramic crown coating can withstand temperatures of up to 1300°C and pressures of up to 69,000 kPa (10,000 psi). This helps to keep the piston cooler and reduces friction, which stops it from softening and failing prematurely, from high combustion chamber temperatures.

Reduced heat loss to the piston equates to better fuel burn rates, and increased power and fuel economy (depending on how you drive the vehicle) and a better ring seal. The skirt coating contains Teflon and is a dry film lubricant that adds 0.025mm (0.001”) to the piston skirt diameter and can withstand temperatures of up to 600°C. It will help prevent piston scuffing in the bores in most marginal lubrication conditions.

If piston protrusion height is a problem due to head or blocks machining, we can also offer 0.25 mm (0.010”) thick head shims to suit a large range of engines.

If you want to turn your standard Toyota, Nissan diesel engine into a high performance Diesel engine, this is the start of what we can do. By ceramic coating your pistons you can increase your turbo boost and play with your fuel settings. (This can be done on other types of diesel engines not just Toyota & Nissan)            Noordeman 1hz 1hdt 1 1

We can also offer ceramic coating to cylinder head valves and cylinder heads (combustion chamber) to reduce the amount of heat absorbed and to retain combustion chamber heat in the chamber, as well as reducing the wear and creating a better long term seal

Noordeman Diesel can even help with coating your intake and exhaust manifolds in a range of finishes.


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