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Is It A Perkins or a Mazda

Mazda to Perkins Information

As you get older and your staff gets younger and you start to forget. I get quizzed many times what is an XA engine in the world of Perkins or an XC Engine.

All the information you google today assists with the newer model engines out in the market place. But it is getting harder to get information today for engines over 15yrs old that still exist today. So I will put the information in my head into Blogs over time

Mazda to Perkins

  • S2 –  Perkins 4-135
  • XA – Perkins 4-154
  • XB  – Perkins 4-165
  • HA – Perkins 4-182
  • ZB  – T4100 Perkins 6-247 2 piece sump – 6 glow plugs
  • ZB  – E4100 Perkins 6-247 1 piece sump – 1 glow plug in the inlet manifold
  • ZC – Perkins 6-335  Pre combustion engine looks like a 354 Perkins
  • YA – 4cyl – Perkins 4-154
  • YA – 6cyl – 6-231
  • XC – 6cyl   6-335 – pre combustion engine (Japanese only)

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