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Manifold Repairs Save time

Inlet or exhaust manifold facing is one of the most important, yet the most commonly overlooked step’s when over hauling your engine or cylinder head. Removing the manifold once the head has been refitted can be a costly and time consuming exercise, here at Noordeman Diesel we can save you down time and money by servicing your manifolds at the same time we are servicing your cylinder head.


Our services include:

• Cast welding of cracked manifold’s
• Manifold facing
• Acid bathing
• Metal spraying of manifold face’s and flanges
• Crack testing
• Spark eroding and removal of broken bolts & studs
• Sand blasting
• Re-taping of bolt holes
• Sleeving of joints in 2 & 3 piece manifolds
• Brazing of manifold faces and flanges
• Thread inserts
Our state of the art milling machines and highly skilled technicians can ensure a perfectly machined sealing surface between the exhaust ports and manifold face,
Your manifold can be returned at the same time as your cylinder head.

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