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Metal Grinding Sound When You Turn The Ignition Key

Turn the key and a high speed sound from the starter motor or a a grinding sounding which always never sounds great. One of the common occurrences is the ring gear teeth may be to worn for the pinion to engage .

We have a list below of Popular Perkins ring gear sizes and part numbers

Genuine Number  Outside Diameter   Inside Diameter    Width      Teeth
31161147 360mm 333mm 17mm 112
31162131 319mm 288mm 9mm 114
0410236 370mm 341mm 17mm 115
31161148 379mm 351mm 17mm 118
0410264 392mm 364mm 17mm 122
31162127 399mm 370mm 17mm 124
31162121 405mm 376mm 17mm 126
0410276 404mm 376mm 17mm 126
0410236 404mm 376mm 17mm 126
31162126 424mm 393mm 17mm 132
31162129 443mm 414mm 17mm 138

If you look hard enough, you may find the part number stamped on the old ring gear.

Email us the genuine number and we will check our stock of over 3000 Genuine Perkins parts.

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