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Metal Spray vs Speedi Sleeve

Metal Spray vs Speedi Sleeve 

You have oil puddles on the driveway, and your friends make you park your vehicle up the street, not in front of their house and never on their driveway .. your car leaks oil.

Its like having a disease – But  this one it can be fixed

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It is quite common for your rear main oil seal area to wear grooves in the seal area of the crankshaft or pulley. 80% of modern engines have a round oil seal  … earlier models have a 2 piece rope seals.
There are a number of ways you can fix this

1. Buy a new crankshaft (expensive repair.)

2. You may be able to move the seal to a different location in the housing, making sure you do not cut the seal area sliding it over the existing wear grooves.

3. Fit a speedi sleeve. this is a cheap repair cost, can be effective, once again make sure you do not cut the seal sliding over the speedi sleeve.

4. Metal spray the seal area with a harder compound to prevent the wear from occurring again  (a 10-year warranty on the metal spray) this is a common repair.

Preparing the seal area for metal spraying this can be done  on a Toyota, Nissan, Cummins, caterpillar and diesel engine or shaft

Roughing the seal area before the Special metal spray mixture is applied 

The hot metal spray being applied to the seal area 

20081001 MG 9420

Preparing the seal area for metal spraying Toyota, Nissan, Cummins, caterpillar

20081216 20081216 MG 3560

Journal after being sprayed

The final product – harder than before

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Contact us below or send us a photo and will let you know if we can fix your oil leak.



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