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Nissan Block Repair

Nissan TD42 are world famous for cracking cylinder blocks. Water being in the sump.

At Noordeman Diesel we can machine out the parent bore and repair your Nissan as per the pictures below.

Repair liners fitted to the cylinder block, a great practice is to leave a machined step at the bottom of the parent bore . This helps to prevent the repair liner from slipping or falling down if the engine ever over heats or gets to hot.

Nissan TD42 machining

When we fit the repair sleeve – we top the liners to be flush with the cylinder block

Nissan TD42 parretn 1st cut

Once all the repair liners have been top, the cylinder block is decked, then bored to suit every individual piston size. Make sure you supply your pistons to your engine shop, so they can individually measure each piston to ensure piston to bore clearance is correct . It is also handy if they have to top the pistons also if you do not have a lathe.


Once the block has been bored, the final machining is required to get the exact piston to bore clearance.

Check out our facebook page for more samples of cylinder block repairs

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