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Perkins 354 Engine Number List

Below is a old 354 Perkins engine number list that has been added to the internet to assist anyone with a 354 Perkins.

We will also update the old Perkins 3cyl and 4cyl engine number listings.

System 1 System 2  First Engine on Engine System 3
 Engine Series Description Start End Start End  Number Build List x Ref  Set
6.354 General 8000251 8052409
General 8060000 8099999
General 850000J 8525876 354U251 354U199999 354U176110 TC —- – 5100010
354U300000 354U400083 354U300000 As ‘General’
354US251 354US31089 354US251
Claas 8220251 8238302 354UC251 354UC20500 354UC15260
I.H.C. 8120251 8137881 354UH251 354UH15201 354UH13584
M.F. 8800251 8800261 N. A.
M.F. 8820251 8840484 354UA251 354UA69258 354UA32100 ·As General’
T6.354 General TE – – – – – U510001D
M.F. 88TOOOO 88T1249 354UA251T J 354UA25978T 354UA7800T
HT6354 General 8430000 8430777 Included in H.6.354 range with suffix ‘T’ N. A . TF —- -U510001D
TC6.354 M.F. N.A. 354UA251TS I 354UA14499TS
6.354.2 General N.A. 354U200000 354U201892 N. A. N. A. 6.354.2
General N.A . 354.2U251 3542U31187 354.2U2401 TJ —- – U510001
T6.354.3 General N. A. 354.3U251T 3543U13320T 354.3U447T TP—- – U510001D
6.354.4 General N.A. 3544U251 3544UB65 3544U251 TW– – – -U510001D
M.F. N.A. 3544UA251 3544UA798 3544UA251 As ‘General’
T.6.354.4 General N.A. 3544U251T 3544U251T TU—- -U510001D
M.F. N.A. 3544UA251T 3544UA623T 3544UA251T As ‘General’
C6.354.4 General N.A. N.A . N.A. TX—- -U510001D
M.F. N.A. N.A. N.A. As ‘General’
6.372 General N.A. 372U251 372U10084 372U700 TR — — – U510001D
Claas N.A. 372UC251 372UC2624 372UC904 N.A.
M.F. N.A. 372UA251 372UA13417 372UA1096 As ‘General’
3723U251 3723U375
6.372.4 General N.A. 3724U251 3724U324 3724U251 TV – —- U510001D
S6 General 40001 43601 N.A. N.A. N.A.
General 4044800 4046569 N.A. N.A. N.A.
V8.510 General (pre cross flow) N.A. 510GB251 510GB300 N.A . N.A.
General (pre cross flow) N.A. 510U301 510U1255 N.A . N.A.
General (cross flow) N.A. 510U2000 510U32750 510U17904 XA- – – – – U510001D
Claas N.A. 510UC2000 510UC2067 N. A. N.A.
Ford N.A. 510UD2000 510UD8981 510UD7001 N.A.
M.F. N.A. 510UA2000 510UA10909 510UA7340 As ‘General’
TV8.510 General N. A. Included in V8.510 range with suffix “T” XB- – – – – U510001D

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