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Perkins Engine Number Guide Part 2

Perkins engine number guide/reference

T 6.354 Series

TC 6.354

TD H6.354

TE T6.354

TF HT6.354

TG 6.3541

TH T6.3541

TJ 6.3542

TK C6.3542

TP T6.3543

TR 6.372

TT TC6.3541

TU T6.3544

TV 6.3724

TW 6.3544

TX C6.3544

TY H6.3544

TZ HT6.3544

U 700 Series

UA 704.30

UB 704.26

UC 704.30

800 Series

UE 804C-33

UF 804C-33T

800D Series

UK 804D-33

UL 804D-33T

UM 804D-33TA

V 1106C Series

VK 1106C-E60TA

W 1300 Series Peregrine

WB 1306-8T

WC 1306-8TA

WD 1306-7T

WD 1306-E87T/TA

WE 1306-7TA

WF 1306-8T NGD

WG 1306-8TA NGD

WG 1306C-E87TA

WH 1306-9T NGD

WJ 1306-9TA NGD

WK 1306-E76T

WL 1306-E76TA

WM 1306-E87T

WN 1306-E87TA

WP 1306-E76T

WQ 1306-E76TA

WR 1306-E87T

WS 1306-E87T`A

X V8.540 Series

XA V8.510

XB TV8.510

XC V8.540

XE TV8.540

1103D Series

XG 1103D-E33

XH 1103D-E33T

XJ 1103D-E33TA

XK 1103D-33

XL 1103D-33T

XM 1103D-33TA

Y Phaser/1006 Series YA 1006-6

YB 1006-6T

YC 1006-6T

YD 1006e-6T

YE Fed. CC

YF 1006-60S

YG 1006-60

YH 1006-60T

YJ 1006-60TA

YK 1006-60TW

Z V8.640 Series

ZA V8.640

ZB TV8.640

The downloaded guide will also show you were your Perkins engine number should be located. You can get access to our Technical Data page and download the Perkin engine number guide directly

Technical Engine Data click here

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