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Handy Hints When Dealing with an Engine Reconditioner

When dealing with your local engine reconditioner, this information will make your life a whole lot easier.

“Understanding our language – compared to your language”

Some engine reconditioners may have cylinder head benches and portable boring bars and can sublet machining out to another reconditioner.

A well equipped engine reconditioner will have boring machines, honing machines, crankshaft grinders, camshaft grinder, conrod resizing machines, cylinder head benches, crack testing machines, cylinder head pressure testing machines, head facing machines and many more like Noordeman Diesel

When dropping your cylinder block off for Boring & honing

  • If you can strip the cylinder block – make sure your timing cover and crankshaft has been removed from the cylinder block, and the block is bare
  • Make sure you give the reconditioner your main caps and main bolts as they could be required to bore or hone your cylinder block
  • Make sure the cylinder block is clean – if it is not your local reconditioner will have an environmentally way of cleaning the cylinder block, as he does not want to put that dirty oily block on his expensive boring machine. He could hot robowash or acid bath.
  • The Engine reconditioner will need your new pistons as they should measure each piston on the skirt
  • By measuring each piston he can ensure the correct piston to skirt clearance as its rare but sometimes one piston can be different size and you don’t want a seized piston
  • There is honing and there is plateau honing. Plateau honing is the best for beading in rings and a far better compression seal to give your engine more power and we all want more power.
  • If you do not have new pistons .Your reconditioner can supply and recommend a quality brand of engine parts with 12month 20,000km, that is piston and rings, main and big end bearings, front and rear oil seals, full gasket set, head bolts, water pumps and so much more at very competitive prices
  • Also don’t try and remove the old liners as some blocks don’t have liners or we can even bore them out oversize.
  • Don’t buff the top of the cylinder block as this can caused uneven divets and cause head gasket sealing problems and external oil and water leaks between the cylinder head and block
  • Let the expert reconditioner machine deck your block, lick your block, surface grind your block.
  • Deck heights must be checked before this is performed. Otherwise the crankshaft could lock up or even pistons can hit your cylinder head if the piston protrusion is too high.
  • Supply all the engine details, year and application will make it easier for us
  • Always look for a licensed repairer
  • Best to deal with a member who is affiliated with your local industry for us it’s the Motor Trade Association of Western Australia – MTAWA
  • Make sure your reconditioner is a Member of the ERA of  (Engine Reconditioners Association of Australia) for peace of mind on a quality and Australia wide warranty.
  • Discuss your requirements with one of our experienced sales staff
  • It’s your engine but it’s our passion

Next handy Hint is getting the right cylinder head at the right price!

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