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Why Wait to Get Your Crankshaft Checked

Getting your crankshaft inspected or ground in Perth can be a difficult thing to do. Why should you or your the customer wait, when you wanted to know yesterday well that’s why we are here.

We have two crankshaft grinding machines at Noordeman Diesel, which allows us to do twice as many cranks and also allows us to do nearly everything from a single-cylinder engine up to multi-cylinder engines , up to 2.6 metres long and we have three experienced crank grinders who know how to use these machines.


All crankshafts need to be crack tested.  Some experienced crankshaft grinders like us also own a lectro magna flux crack tester. Not just white paint can with black ink.

The lectro Magna flux crack tester magnetizes the crankshaft and then a special fluid is poured over the crankshaft. If a crack is present it will attract the crack testing fluid particle and under a special light, the crack is identified under a fluorescent light.

Some cracks can be ground out, some will make the crankshaft unserviceable. Some are also ok to leave. If you are unsure just bring your crankshaft in and we can crack test your crankshaft and let you know if it needs a grind or a polish.

We can repair the nose of the crankshaft if its damaged, metal spray an oil seal area. If it’s out of your sports car, high-performance crank, old vintage collection, your Land Cruiser, large earthmoving piece of gear a crankshaft is a crankshaft.

So let’s get cranked and bring it in before you throw a rod with frustration.

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