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Cheap Motor bike cylinder heads repaired
Posted on 14 November 2016

Motor Bike – Harley Davidson Cylinder head reconditioning

Have you ever tried to get a motor bike cylinder heads or a single cylinder head reconditioned or repaired in Perth. WOW those guys know how to charge. I could believe it when my staff showed me how much it costs to repair a motor bike cylinder head

YZ450 yamaha Head
Part of our new diversification strategy. We will be reconditioning & repairing Motor Bikes cylinder heads and barrels / cylinders and crankshafts… We have the reconditioning equipment.

We have the tooling (may need to tool up for some of the smaller stuff).

We have the technology and best of all we have 5 guys in the workshop keen as Mustard to start doing Motor bike work.

motor bike head faced

Being a Harley Davidson owner myself I am glad the boys want to get into reconditioning /machining ,  motorbikes engine components …  :)


So if you need your motor bike cylinder head over hauled or repaired, bring it in and let one of the boys have a look and lets us help to keep the cash in your wallet…

We do have EPTOS ..   :)

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