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Posted on 2 December 2015

Free Conrod Checks

Conrods can be known by many different names some know and some not known.

  • Like the thing that connects the piston to the crank
  • Connecting Rod
  • Con Rod
  • Big end or small end
  • The Gudgeon pin thingy


We will perform quality checks on your Conrod`s and all those listed above for Free.

  • Big end size clearance checked
  • Small end size clearance checked
  • Straightness
  • Length
  • Nuts & Bolts ( Some engine recommend replacing nuts & bolts )
  • Crack test and proof test if required ( A Must on Caterpillar conrods )
  • We will even polish your big ends & small ends all for free No Charge


All Checks are within the manufactures specifications and are all for free


We say free we mean free and that’s a guarantee.

We want your business and our normal prices will apply.

No over inflated prices to compensate.

We want to reward you for being a for using and being a loyal customer to Noordeman Diesel.