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Cylinder head repairs
Posted on 14 June 2016

Free Stripping and Quoting

 If your cylinder head is found Unserviceable!!!

The most important thing about reconditioning your cylinder head is that you know that it will be done:        

Right the first time and on time.

* All cylinder heads are dismantled and placed in a hot acid bath to remove all carbon build up

*All our cylinder heads are pressure tested with our Donnelly pressure tester, this is designed to operate hot water      (approx. 70deg) through a pressurized vessel.

To simulate operating conditions and detect any leakage through expansion & pressure.

*All cylinder heads are placed in the lectromagna flux crack detector

(Aluminum heads cannot be crack tested) in typical operation a cylinder head is placed into the machine and given a shot of magnetizing current.

Then the crack testing fluid is applied (this contains fluorescent particles) an ultraviolet lamp is used to examine for longitudinal or latitude cracks.

Of course demagnetising is a critical part of the operation.

The attached picture shows a crack present during Lectro magna flux testing


*Our quote process requires 39 individual check points, from bolt holes, to

Injector tubes, valves, manifold studs, cylinder head thickness & hardness and many more.

Remember if your head is unserviceable Now it’s all free.

No charges will apply.


We can also crack test on site with white paint and black magnetic particles

We can recondition your Caterpillar cylinder head, Cummins cylinder head, Komatsu cylinder head , Toyota cylinder head, Nissan cylinder head, Perkins cylinder head any cylinder head model. From Tugg boats to small air cooled cylinder head and even Motor Bike heads.

1 cylinder heads

The Free stripping and quoting applies to them as well. A No escape clause At Noordeman Diesel

The Noordeman Guarantee      Experience the Next Step

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