Does my Flywheel or Bellhousing need Facing or Machining

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Posted on 2 December 2015

3 good reasons why

To facing your flywheel and machine your housing


  • No clutch manufacturer will guarantee their kit without machining/facing the flywheel

  • If you think the flywheel looks great, think again; when the pressure plate is bolted to the flywheel, it clamps or squeezes the clutch plate up against the face on the flywheel. This causes the flywheel to distort and bow, and eventually this bow becomes permanent. Maching can rectify if the flywheel is within spec

  • When the bell housing is out of alignment, all sorts of problems can occur; pilot brgs, failure, clutch chatter, sluggish clutch movement, sloppy shifts, rapid synchronizer wear, popping out of gear.

We have qualified machinists who can turn a basic housing skim and

Flywheel face around on the same day.

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