Connecting Rods Servicing & Overhauling

Engine Machining – Perth, WA

Noordeman Diesel repairs Connecting Rods of all sizes. Whether you require small or big end resizing, Con Rod straightening or a crack test, we have the equipment and the know-how to get the job done right – first time.

All Con Rods that pass through our workshop are checked for straightness and size prior to the commencement of machining, and we ensure all Connecting Rod services are performed to exact tolerances in accordance with the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (O.E.M.) specifications and procedures.

Our Con Rod Machining services include:

Checking & Sizing Control
Resizing & Honing Small Ends
Resizing & Honing Big Ends
Crack Testing
Proof Testing ( a must on All Caterpillar conrods )
Con Rod Polishing
Conrod Length
Conrod Balancing
Conrod bolt & Nut inspection / replacement
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