Perkins  being such innovators and market leaders will be removing locating Tangs on there range of big end bearings .

Also at the same time are making lead free bearings.

Beware you will require the locating tool required click here for the tool


Perkins Parts Bulletin

Perkins Engines Company Limited, Peterborough, PE1 5NA, UK.
PMB 812 (September 2009)


Bearing Rationalisation and Material Change

Perkins is pleased to announce some new changes to our bearing kits as part of our commitment to continuous product improvement. This includes a rationalisation of kits to simplify the offering, along with a change of material to eliminate lead content. Kits have been rationalised to the highest specification kit available. Other changes include the removal of the fitting tool, previously part of all tangless bearing kits. This is now available separately as part number 27610233

Contents and specification

This product restructuring and material change has allowed us to introduce both a rationalised, easier to understand range of bearing kits.


Tang to Tangless – To allow more complete rationalisation of the range and therefore maximum simplicity, Perkins will now be servicing tanged con rods with tangless bearings. There are no detrimental effects on the performance of the engine or the location of the bearing by making this change.

Fitting tool – The fitting tool which was previously supplied with all kits of tangless bearings will now be available as a separate part number (27610233).

Material change – Perkins have worked hard to eliminate lead from our bearing range due to its environmental impact. The reviewed bearing range is entirely lead free, excluding kits 85042 and 85043, making it more environmentally friendly. The new material is, as a consequence of being lead free, of a higher specification than the current material but you may notice a slight change in colour, please see the below pictures for an example.

New lead free shell                                 Old leaded shell


The lead free kits will be introduced over the coming months by supersession.


3142U061 Perkins Tappet


Perkins Tappet 1104D

2646E501 Perkins end Cap


Perkins end Cap

2645K022 Perkins Injector


Perkins Injector 1100 series