Metal spraying Caterpillar , Cummins, Komatsu is a standard repair these days to continue the maintenance and running life of these engine types as a replacement cost can be  huge , alternative repairs are need to looked at and asset.

Metal spray technology is going forward in leaps and bounds and is a good alternative to replacing.

Metal spraying can triple the life and reduce the effect of corrosion on a water pump shaft with correct spray materials being applied.

Major Block damage – Worn seal areas – Cylinder head to thin

Not a problem for us  we can metal spray and bring it back to like new

  • A valuable asset amongst our services, metal spraying is a cost effective and technically advanced method of restoring Pump shafts
  • Cylinder head faces
  • Oil cooler decks
  • Crank shaft seal areas (front and rear)
  • Pulleys – front pulley oil seal areas
  • Main shaft  tunnels
  • Camshafts journals
  • Water pump shafts
  • Repairs to keyway shafts
  • Cylinder block cavitation
  • Cylinder block decks
  • Cylinder block under deck height specifications
  • Cylinder head thickness – head to thin – broken corners ie non critical areas
  • Manifold rebuilding worn components and surfaces to their original specification and tolerance.

Metal spraying has incredible bond strength and can be applied very precisely, leaving otherwise redundant components as good as new and extremely hard wearing.


Metal Spraying can save you thousands and is cost effective.

Metal Spraying can save you on down time.

Metal Sprayed surfaces can be harder.

Metal Sprayed seal areas will last longer.


The wear or damage can be any wear on the cylinder deck surface. We can machine and spray the whole deck face, or just the damaged area as shown in  the picture below on a 3500 series caterpillar. pictured below

Metal spray caterpillar block

3142U061 Perkins Tappet


Perkins Tappet 1104D

2646E501 Perkins end Cap


Perkins end Cap

2645K022 Perkins Injector


Perkins Injector 1100 series