My cylinder head Warranty is void WHY !!!##!

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My cylinder head Warranty is void WHY !!!##!
Posted on 3 January 2017

Cylinder Head Warranty Conditions


Installation Instructions

  1. Installer to ensure that deck block and mating surfaces are to acceptable tolerances.
  2. Installer to ensure sump plugs and any water drain plugs are fitted correctly.
  3. Inlet manifold must be thoroughly cleaned before fitting. Ensure Manifold faces are flat, clean and free from damage.
  4. Radiator must be cleaned, flushed and flow tested, and free from Leaks. Ensure air flow to radiator is not obstructed. Radiator servicing Must be carried out by a radiator specialist (if not, warranty will not be Accepted for overheating problems).
  5. Cooling system to be checked and pressure tested. All hoses including Heater and bypass hoses, hose clamps, and fan belt to be replaced if Necessary to OEM specifications.
  6. A new thermostat must be fitted.
  7. A new water pump must be fitted, unless replaced within the Last 12 months.
  8. All other water outlets and fitting to be inspected and replaced if Damaged or corroded.
  9. A coolant or inhibitor to OEM vehicle specifications to be used at the Time of installation.
  10. Temperature sensor/warning devices must be operating to Manufacturers specifications.
  11. Timing belt, tensioner and idler pulleys to be replaced to OEM specifications.
  12. Ignition timing and all ignition components to be set to Manufacturer’s specifications.
  13. Check correct operation of mechanical and vacuum advance Units if applicable.
  14. Ensure all plug leads, rotors, caps and other ignition parts are in Serviceable condition.
  15. Ensure all fuel injection and engine management systems are Operating in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.
  16. Ensure all fuel delivery systems are operating in accordance with Manufacturer’s specifications.
  17. Ensure carburettor is serviceable and operating in accordance with Manufacturer’s specifications.
  18. Ensure all engine breather, PCV valves, EGR valves and emission Control components are functioning correctly.
  19. Ensure air cleaner is serviced and free from leaks.
  20. Ensure all electrical connections and fittings are in good order.
  21. Prime oil system prior to start up and ensure oil pressure is obtained before start up.
  22. Ensure first fill of oil is as per OEM specifications and of appropriate Viscosity for engine type.
  23. Start engine and warm up around 1500 RPM to ensure adequate oil Lubrication to critical areas.
  24. Tappets to be checked after warm up (where applicable).
  25. Torque to yield head bolts must be replaced.
  26. Where applicable, non-torque to yield head bolts must be re-tensioned To OEM specifications after initial warm up, and again at 1000km service.


Additional Diesel Engine Instructions

  1. Injector pump to be bench tested and serviced if shown to be Necessary. Report/invoice to accompany warranty card if any Warranty claims are made.
  2. Fuel injectors to be serviced or exchanged. Report/invoice for this to accompany warranty card if any warranty claims are made.
  3. Oil coolers to be cleaned thoroughly, internally and externally.
  4. Oil coolers to be visually inspected for corrosion.
  5. Oil coolers to be pressure tested before installation.
  6. New o-rings, seals and gaskets for oil coolers to be fitted at time of installation.
  7. Injection pump timing to be set in accordance with manufacturer’s Specifications and method of setting to be noted on customer’s Invoice at time of installation.
  8. Turbocharger to be inspected and serviced as required.


Servicing Requirements

1000km / First Service

 Change engine oil and filter

 Re-tension head bolts (where applicable)

 Reset / Adjust tappets (where applicable)

 Pressure test cooling system and re-tighten all hose Clamps

 Re-check all engine fitment bolts and nuts

 Check emission control systems are working correctly

 Check timing, fuel mixture and idle speed (where Applicable)

 Check engine management system (where applicable)

 Change coolant/inhibitor (where applicable)

 Check thermostat and cooling fans are operating correctly

 Ensure all earth leads are connected correctly

 Road test vehicle


ND 305a                                                                                                                                                                                    ISSUED DATE 12/16