Due to Prime Power Engineering Kalgoorlie closing down on 31-3-2017 – getting Perkins or FG Wilson parts in Kalgoorlie is not a problem .

We  currently do provide Perkins & FG Wilson parts into Kalgoorlie – Karratha – Port hedland actually all over Western Australia as well as our diesel engine machining and of course our new range exchange cylinder head program for Toyota &  Nissan.

i do get carried away  this blog is about Perkins parts

We are looking at putting a level 2 dealer i.e. an agent into Kalgoorlie

We will soon be looking at putting Perkins & FG Wilson agents (level 2 Dealers) in to most major country towns across Western Australia

These agents will have Perkins stock on the shelf as well as access to the Perkins SPI program and of course back up and support here at Noordeman Diesel with access to our Perkins Gurus

In the future we will be working on providing service type work by your local Perkins Agent.

The agent will also have access to new Perkins engines.

Any  Perkins inquires or Perkins agent inquires – email  sales@noordeman.com.au


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080109049 PERKINS FAN BELT 755MM


 400 Series, 403D-11, 404D-15, 403C-11, 404C-15, 100 Series, 103.1, 103.11, Perma  



Perkins Starter Motor 1100 series 12v now supersedes to T410874

10000-45193 Fuel Pipe FG Wilson CAT, OLYMPIAN


 1100 Series, 1106C, 1106A Fuel Filler Tube FG Wilson