Part of the Noordeman system and process on Crankshafts

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Posted on 2 December 2015

Noordeman system and process on Crankshafts

  • All cranks need to be clean so not to contaminate our crack testing fluid, so if you crank isn’t spotless we may have to acid bath clean your crankshaft.
  • We measure all crankshaft main & big end journal, thrust areas and radius, then compare them to the manufacture specs to determine if your crankshaft needs grinding or just linishing.
  • We lectro magna flux crack test every crankshaft and we also check for hardness and straightness.
  • We inspect all crankshaft noses and key ways.
  • All oil seals are inspected for wear and advice on an appropriate course of repair.
  • Metal spraying is the best way to repair a crankshaft oil seal area sometimes a Speedi sleeve may do the trick.
  • Your crankshaft is ground to manufactures specifications then linished and polished for a fine RA finish.
  • We don’t retention counter weight bolts the manual will advise if you need to check or replace.