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Performance Diesel kits and extra HP
Posted on 2 August 2017

The need for extra Horse power and Performance is a growing commodity,   the need  for  race proven extra strong  engine rebuild kits for the 4WD , Off road  market, camping fishing and Comp Truck. So far we have gained massive horse power gains from Nissan Patrol TD42T engines , Toyota 1HDT and of course Toyota 1HZ engine.

Upgraded components now are in our performance engine rebuild kit,  we also can ceramic coat valves,  over size valves  , turbo, manifolds so many more modifications in getting that extra performance power out of your engine.

Parts include:

  • Ceramic coated Heavy duty Pistons with moly coated skirts
  • Pistons with thicker crown castings for higher boost pressures & thermal load
  • Heavy duty sleeves
  • Billet forged crankshafts
  • Heavy duty con rods
  • Modified cylinder heads with free flowing port designs
  • Modified camshafts
  • Safari & DTS turbo kits

These parts are being tested in 4WD , Comp Truck and the Goss mobile   as well as off-road rally conditions & are proving extremely robust. Theses components arelegal upgrades for Nissan Patrol & Toyota land cruiser. The idea behind these components is to retain reliability but boost performance, power & torque.

check out our high performance toyota    1FZFE

Give us a call a call or and email to  discuss performance rebuild options for your Nissan Patrol or Toyota Land cruiser even check out our face book page