Replacement Lift Pump for 1103 , 1104, 1106 Perkins

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Posted on 2 December 2015

Following the release of the Perkins Product Bulletin Ref 59/41, and Parts Marketing Bulletin 959, we are pleased to announce the availability of a new lift pump offering for 1103 , 1104 and 1106 Perkins engines.


Part number changes:


Old part number New part number

ULPK0038 ULPK0041

ULPK0039 ULPK0040

4132a016   ULPK0041

4132a018  ULPK0041

The overall look of the parts has also changed. Below are photographs highlighting the key difference to the electrical connection orientation change.


Old Part New Part


This change comes as the result of defect within the previous pump, resulting in a significant amount of failures. This defect was caused by wear on the brushes within the lift pump and issues with gumming, caused by use with bio fuel mixes. This has been removed and parts updated to include the latest technology specification. The new pump now has no brushes to wear and can create three times the torque of the previous part, therefore eradicating the gumming issue.

The replacement kits include an additional wiring harness to accommodate the change in location of the electrical connection on the new pump.