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Vehicle tune-ups are a sort of preventative maintenance service that is done to make sure it will continue to operate accordingly. This service is usually scheduled on a regular basis – at least once a year as a soft rule of thumb – and provides the opportunity for the owner to obtain all the preventative maintenance their vehicle needs at that time. Undergoing regular 4WD tune-ups can help maintain your car’s lifespan and performance.

With regards to how often such a service is needed, the service requirements for every vehicle will vary. Often this can be based on the 4WD’s mileage and age. You may have a look at your vehicle owner’s manual to get an idea of how often you should schedule tune-ups.

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How to Tell If Your Diesel Engine Needs a Tune-Up

Regardless of whether your diesel engine vehicle has had automotive service recently, getting a general tune-up is something it might need at the moment.

Many people can be fooled to think that their vehicle is fine, but there are small signs that show routine maintenance is needed.

To help you tell if your diesel engine needs a tune-up, let’s take a look at the common signs below.

Blowing Smoke

Smoke that comes out of your vehicle’s exhaust is something to watch out for.

There are at least three colours you need to keep an eye on, white, blue and black smoke, and each can come with bad odour.

Such emissions can indicate that there is a blocked air filter, faulty injector/pump, or a problem with regards to the engine or its sub-system.

Unusual Noise

Hearing pinging or strange, knocking noises from your diesel engine, could mean that some routine automotive service may be needed.

In most cases, a bad fuel injector is the problem or an other issue that need to be taken care of as quickly as possible.

Lost Performance

Are you experiencing problems with starting or accelerating your diesel engine.

This might mean that the fuel filters are dirty, fuel pressure is low or another serious concern regarding your engine or its sub-system.

It is best that you bring your vehicle to Noordeman Diesel to get it checked out.

Decreased Efficiency

Pay close attention to how often you need to fill up your fuel tank.

If you notice that you need to fill up more than usual, this means that your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is degrading.

That is why it’s important to bring your vehicle to Noordeman Diesel to know what’s going on inside.

Rough Shifting

The transmission system of your car is important to handle its gear-shifting process accordingly.

A transmission issue can be the problem if you notice that your vehicle suddenly lurches whenever you shift.

What is included in a tune-up?

Since diesel engines are quite different from petrol engines, and the repair and maintenance procedure is also unique.

That is why it’s important that you bring your diesel vehicle to Noordeman Diesel, a licensed and qualified diesel workshop, to give it a regular vehicle tune-up.

What are the benefits to your engine?

We supply a variety of engine spare parts Australia wide.


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