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Noordeman Enhanced is here to look after your needs. From mild to wild and everything in between.

Want to throw a turbo in your non turbo 4WD whether it’s petrol or diesel? We’ve got you covered.

Want to actually be able to put your foot down without a slipping clutch or transmission? We’ve got you covered.

Want to lift your rig to clear the 35s you want? We have two heavy duty hoists ready and waiting to lift your rig. We’ve got you covered.

Looking to drop EGTs or intake temps? We can help with both water-to-air and air-to-air intercoolers. We’ve got you covered.

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Got a project everyone seems to think is too hard or can’t be done? Be sure to give the team at Noordeman Enhanced a call today.

Is your engine tired? Maybe it needs a new lease on life. How about one of our Noordeman Enhanced engines turbo? Ready and built custom to your needs.We’ve got you covered.

Not pulling up like you used to? Well how about brake upgrades? Everyone forgets that when they make the car go faster they really need to be able to stop better as well. The team at Noordeman can help with raining your rig in. We’ve got you covered.

Looking at going from all wheel drive to 2WD? Did you know that by adding a part time kit to your rig you can make the steering lighter, use less fuel and even reduce your wear and tear on your front end ? We’ve got you covered.

We supply a variety of engine spare parts Australia wide.


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Noordeman are here to help, so you get the best.