Newsletter Issue 1



The entire engine oil supply passes through the filter in every 12-15 seconds!

Genuine Perkins filters are designed and made to the highest quality with the highest grade components and materials available.


Fuel filters are designed to filter all fuel before it enters the fuel system. Using inferior grade products can cause:

— Fuel pump failure

— Blocked injector nozzles

— Excessive smoke

— Reduced engine performance

— Piston damage (worst situation)


Perkins air filters are designed to provide complete engine protection whilst ensuring maximum airflow.


Oil filter , filter particles (caused by combustion and friction) from entering the lubrication system and causing excessive wear.

Did you know?

  • Air filters reach their optimum filtration levels only after becoming partially blocked. The dust forms an additional barrier which enhances the filtration capacity of the filter.
  • Just 1 teaspoon of dirt is enough to destroy a diesel engine.
  • The entire engine oil supply passes through the filter every 12-15 seconds!

Genuine Perkins filters are designed and manufactured to exact specifications ensuring engine reliability and long life.



We REPAIR ALL of these.


  • From 1 Cylinder up to 2.6mtrs in length
  • Grinding – Mains & Big ends Polishing / Linishing
  • Metal spray seal areas Lectro
  • Magna flux Crack testing
  • Crankshaft Reclaiming Thrust Areas

— All cranks need to be clean so not to contaminate our crack testing fluid so if you crank is not spotless we may have to acid bath clean your crankshaft.

— We measure all crankshaft main & big end journal, thrust areas and radius, then compare them to the manufacture specs to determine if your crankshaft needs grinding or just a linishing.

— We test every crankshaft for hardness and straightness.

— We inspect all crankshaft noses and key ways.

— All oil seals are inspected for wear and advice on an appropriate course of repair.

— Metal spraying is the best way to repair a crankshaft oil seal area sometimes a Speedi sleeve may do the trick.

— Your crankshaft is ground to manufactures specifications then linished and polished for a fine RA finish.




Damaged or failed piston

What has caused this piston to fail !


This damage is caused due to the thermal overload of the piston.

There are two causes for such a piston to fail or damage itself:


There are a number of features that help in diagnosing this kind of fault, they are as follows:




  • The bowl edge has been “gnawed off”.
  • The injection nozzles display a poor spray pattern.
  • The injection pressure and the delivery rate of the injection nozzles are set incorrectly.
  • The top land shows seizure marks in the piston pin axis.

An abnormal combustion can be caused by a number of factors: The air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber is too rich. This can be the result of the following:

    • The air supply is reduced, e.g. the air filter is clogged.
    • The fuel delivery is set incorrectly.
    • The start of fuel delivery is set incorrectly.
    • The nozzle needle is either wedged or stiff.
    • The exhaust gas system is clogged.
    • There is ignition delay and misfiring which may be caused by the following:
    • The incorrect fuel or fuel with an insufficient cetane rating is being used, or there is gasoline in the diesel.
    • The valves are leaky, resulting in compression loss.
    • The protrusion is too small, i.e. there is insufficient compression.
    • The air pre-warming is defective (especially for very low ambient temperatures).