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Posted on 9 December 2016

Looking for a water pump Cooling Fan to suit your Diesel Petrol or Gas engine or motor..

There are 2 different types of water pump or cooling fans ,  Pullers or Blowers.

PULLER fan is normally used when the engine is located at the front of its application. like in a motor vehicles , tractors, four wheel drive , generators and so many more applications. The fan is designed to pull or suck the cool air into radiator. The faster the vehicle goes or the higher the engine revs the cooler it gets.  That is why it is advisable at high speeds and high engine revs  you need to get a hydrostatic , Viscous or electric fan. You will see these fans more in modern motor vehicles , trucks and race engines.

BLOWER fan is normally used when the engine is located at the rear of its application like in a rear mounted loader, it is designed to suck the cool air past the engine blow the cooler air through the radiator.

SIZE you will need to know the area of the radiator. The fan should cover more than 3/4 of the radiator core for maximum cooling efficiency.  The more it covers the cooler the engine and radiator will get.

PCD Pitch Circle Diameter  is the diameter of the circle which passes through the centre of all the studs . your cooling fan is normally mounted on the water pump or a mounted bearing HUB. if you have a electrical fan this doesn’t matter


in my next blog i will list the different fan sizes and dimensions available.


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