Wind up the Boost on that 1HZ

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Wind up the Boost on that 1HZ
Posted on 28 February 2018


Something Shane and the boys get asked a lot is (how much boost can I run in my 1 Hz land cruiser) unfortunately all cars and 4wds are different but as an average below is some guidelines to follow.

Hzj75/80 1hz as they don’t run a compensator on the pump 7-10 psi

Hzj75/80 1hz if boost compensated 10-15 psi

Hzj75/80 1hz intercooled and compensated 15-20 psi

Hzj79/105 early models don’t have a compensator so 7-10 psi

Hzj79/105 late has an altitude compensator which can be modified to be a boost compensator 10-15 psi

Hzj79/105 intercooled and boost compensated 15-20 psi

Always run egt gauges.


 We regularly see egts of 550 with non-intercooled and non-ceramic coated pistons, yet with ceramic coating and intercoolers we tend to see temps of around 400 degrees under load

As always there are exceptions to the rule and there are plenty of customers we have supplied kits to running in excess of 25psi, however no matter what boost you choose to run we recommend having the engines dyno tuned so as to make sure the engine doesn’t lean out or over fuel and damage the engine.