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Cylinder Head Servicing & Reconditioning

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Noordeman Diesel Cylinder Head Repairs and Reconditioning.

Noordeman Diesel have been in the business of rebuilding engines and machining components for more than 30 years.

Over the decades, we have developed standards and practices that have earned us a reputation for outstanding service and quality.

Our customers appreciate our attention to detail and the fact that all of our work adheres to strict industry standards and environmentally sound practice.

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Is your engine in need of new cylinder head?

Most of the more common engine problems that we work on for our customers are broken or run-down cylinder heads.

If your vehicle is in need of new cylinder head or simply an overhaul and reconditioning, the team at Noordeman Diesel can assist.

Read on for more information about how problems with cylinder heads can develop, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to bring your vehicle in for diagnostics and/or repairs.

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How to Know if Your Cylinder Head Has a Problem

A problem with the cylinder or cylinder heads, can lead to a variety of performance issues, some of which also come with tell-tale signs that will tip you off.

Being able to fully diagnose a problem of this nature, requires an in-depth knowledge of how your engine operates.

The diagnostic process is something that the team at Noordeman Diesel can perform on your behalf.

However, there are a few warning signs that will let you know that your cylinder head may be experiencing problems.

Unusual Odour

A head gasket keeps coolant from leaking into the cylinder.

If you detect a strong – almost sweet – odour when the car runs, this could be a sign that coolant is leaking into the cylinders and burning.

This could indicate that you need new cylinder head.


Whilst leaks can indicate a wide range of problems with your engine, a coolant leak, in particular, could mean that your cylinder head  need work.

There could even be a crack in the head gasket.


Excessive smoke coming from the exhaust pipe could mean several things.

If it has a greyish hue, then there is a good chance that the smoke is related to a cylinder problem.

In particular, it means that the engine is getting hotter than it should.

If you detect any of these problems, bring it in to Noordeman Diesel for a diagnostic check.

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Engine Misfires Can Also Indicate Problems with Cylinder Heads

This is another symptom of bad cylinders, but we are separating it out into its own section because it warrants a more in-depth look.

Engine misfires tell you that something is going wrong in the cylinder.

As a problem like this progresses, the engine will begin to shake and shiver whilst being operated. This tells you that the combustion cycle has lost its rhythm.

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Not All Cylinder Related Misfires are Related to the Cylinder Head

For example, an ignition misfire is more likely to be caused by a problem with the actual cylinder.

However, an event known as a ‘lean misfire’ (which is more likely to take place whilst idling at a traffic light) could indicate a problem with the head.

In this case, you may want to look into reconditioning  your cylinder head or get Noordeman Diesel to supply a new cylinder head for your engine.

If your engine is misfiring and you are not sure of what is causing the problem, bring the vehicle by our workshop in Welshpool.

Misfires are often a serious sign, and it is important to have this looked at as quickly as possible.

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Performance Like You Have Never Seen Before

Whether your vehicle is experiencing performance issues or full-blown symptoms of cylinder head problems, Noordeman Diesel can assist.

Our team excel at reconditioning diesel engines, and this includes cleaning, grinding, resurfacing and otherwise reconditioning cylinder heads.

We will repair damage caused by broken valves, and replace faulty gaskets, valves and other parts as required.

By the time we are finished with your cylinder head, you will be able to see the difference in performance.

We supply a variety of spare parts and ship Australia wide.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a cylinder head?

A cylinder head is an extremely important component of a combustion engine, and it performs several key tasks for your vehicle.

For starters, it houses the intake and exhaust valves. Beyond that, your vehicle’s fuel injector is here, along with the passages for the fuel and air mixture that drives the engine. Ducts used in water-cooled engines are also found here. Suffice to say, the cylinder head plays a crucial role in the operation of your engine.

How does a cylinder head work?

Within the cylinder is a piston, which cycles up and down – compressing the fuel and ultimately leading to combustion.

The exhaust gases are then ejected, rotating the crankshaft and ultimately turning the wheels.

When the cylinder and heads are operating well, so does the vehicle.

But when problems arise, performance can drop off substantially.

Not all cylinder related misfires are related to the cylinder head.

For example, an ignition misfire is more likely to be caused by a problem with the actual cylinder.

However, an event known as a ‘lean misfire’ (which is more likely to take place whilst idling at a traffic light) could indicate a problem with the head. In this case, you may want to look into reconditioning or get a new cylinder head supplied by Noordeman Diesel.

Why is cylinder head treatment so important?

When it comes to reconditioning a diesel engine, treatment of the heads is one of the most important considerations.

Carbon residue from combustion and corrosion from the cooling system can build up over time, and these will need to be thoroughly cleaned.

In the process, we can also take care of other cylinder head repairs such as resurfacing the head, replacing guides, installing new gaskets and valve seals and regrinding valve angles if needed.

You will be amazed at the difference cylinder head reconditioning can make to your engine.

Your vehicles performance marks will surge.

Depending on the type of work you have done, your vehicle could enjoy greater horsepower, improved fuel efficiency and overall higher marks in reliability.

It is no surprise that so many people in Western Australia are interested in modifying and reconditioning their vehicle cylinder heads with Noordeman Diesel.

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