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Automotive Industry Uses Of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Turbo diesel technology is evolving faster than ever before, increased power output, lower fuel consumption and lower emission values are expected with every new model that manufacturers release.

To help accomplish this, most manufacturers use an EGR system.  This is comprised of a series of ports and valves designed to divert a small percentage of the expelled exhaust gases from the exhaust system, and redirect it back into the inlet manifold and back through the engine.  This process aids in reducing an engine’s harmful emissions.

The down side is the re-circulation is contributing to an excessive build up of sludgy deposits through the intake system, EGR system, EGR valves, and the inlet manifold and ports. This buildup restricts the airflow into the combustion chamber, leaving your engine struggling to breathe.  This can have serious consequences including increased engine temperature, an increase in fuel consumption and a noticeable decrease in engine power.  Left unchecked, premature engine failure is a certainty and isnt covered under warranty

Noordeman Diesel has invested in a state of the art ultrasonic cleaning tank,  perfect for cleaning the clogged inlet manifolds and EGR valves in the ever popular VDJ series of Landcruisers and the KUN series of  Hilux’s.

Sadly, many of the new DPF equipped cars including the VDJ76, VDJ78, VDJ79 and VDJ200 are now developing problems due to the DPF either failing, clogging up or just failing to carry out a regeneration properly.
This can be down to the age of the vehicle, mileage or could be simply down to the driving style of the owner. Whatever it is, when a DPF warning light illuminates it often means a pretty expensive bill is on its way.

If this does happen, there are some upsides. A DPF cleaning can increase your vehicles fuel economy, performance and decrease the likely hood of a breakdown or your car ending up in “limp mode” and save you a pretty large sum of of money if the time has come to replace your Diesel Particulate Filter which can be considered normal for some car manufacturers at 100 to 120 thousand kilometres and costing thousands to replace. The DPF is seen as a consumable by many manufacturers and warranty providers. The cost of replacing or regenerating the filter is normally not covered but we would suggest seeking advice if you are experiencing DPF related issues.

Engine Reconditioning 

Noordeman Diesel’s new ultrasonic cleaning is a fast, efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly. Ultrasonic Cleaning has been proven successful in cleaning alloy heads to reduce bead blasting by up to 95% while providing substantial cost savings. The reduction of bead blasting also dramatically reduces the potential for further damage to the head once fitted. There is a vast range of engine components such as inlet (air intake) manifolds, engine heads, carby’s and even entire engine blocks.

Automatic Transmissions

Noordeman Diesel have had major success in cleaning valve bodies and various gear box components using ultrasonic technology as well as Manual Transmission componentry. Cleaning times are reduced, cleaning effectiveness is improved and there is no longer a use for carcinogenic solvents when ultrasonic technology is used— reducing our carbon footprint that most  automotive companies place on the environment in an effort to properly clean parts and components.

Vehicle Radiators

Noordeman Diesels ultrasonic cleaner is large enough to clean the internal and external parts of vehicle radiators, industrial compressors and hydraulic coolers of all shapes and sizes. Utilising unique cleaning techniques that incorporate a large high powered cleaning tank with a weir system, pump and filtration systems, our ultrasonic cleaning can bring nearly any clogged up radiator back to life by eliminating build up that limit proper function.

Ultrasonic cleaning can help to:

Restore blocked coolers
Extend the life of a cooler
Clean inaccessible places
Promote thorough flushing
Release baked on metals

Noordeman Diesel can also clean all aspects of brake assemblies; drums, housings, brake lines and pistons can be clean effectively in our ultrasonic tank using the correct chemistry. Even steering assemblies, once disassembled and gross cleaned can be critically cleaned in ultrasonic tank, so that all of the hard to get at crevices and assemblies will be cleaned very effectively.

Diesel Servicing with Ultrasonics

Noordeman Diesel can even help with diesel injection and pump servicing, the combination of ultrasonic tank and new cleaning solutions has resulted in reducing the use of bead blasting significantly. When cleanliness is of the utmost importance you cannot go past ultrasonic cleaning to achieve that final critical clean before going to the clean room for assembly. Ultrasonic cleaning can also remove paint from external surfaces of pump assemblies as well. Why risk bead or sodium bicarbonate residue in a pump assembly when ultrasonic cleaning can take the worry away. It is the only safe effective way to clean.

Other items that can be Ultrasonically Cleaned

Manifolds, Alloy & Steel Heads, Pistons, Con Rods, Turbo Housings,  Transmission internal parts and valve bodies, Brake parts, Calipers, Pads, Pistons, Air Intake Paper Filters, Steering Racks and Housings, Inlet / Exhaust Manifolds, Electric motors, alternators and starters.

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